About Shirley

So, what do I get up to when I'm not treating people?


I have 2 elderly Burmese cats and enjoy gardening with them in tow.  I love walking - being close to the river and also the Chilterns is a huge bonus.  I teach swing dance, organise vintage events, spend many a happy hour baking and enjoy anything to do with nature - except spiders!

Having spent the best part of my working life desk bound, I had the opportunity for a career change after my then employers decided to retire.  Should I look for another office job or take a leap of faith and do something I really enjoyed?

So.... what was I passionate about? Organic skincare that hadn't been tested on animals, organic food that was still full of nutrients to really feed your body, and non-intrusive treatments that encompassed more than just a tablet or some cream for the bits that ached or weren't working correctly.


As I had a long-term back issue - nothing I could put my finger on, just general tightness and restricted movement, I was keen to start there.  I qualified in reflexology in 2004 and continued my training by adding massage and aromatherapy. 

While researching different therapies as part of my continued professional development post graduate training, an article on Bowen Technique being successful with animals caught my eye. Something that was effective on animals, where there is no preconceived idea about what should happen, merited further investigation as far as I was concerned!  In 2009 I qualified as a Bowen Therapist with the Bowen Association UK and was so blown away by being able to help people in such a gentle and holistic way, I knew I had made the right choice for my next career.

My professional training still continues, to enhance and broaden my knowledge of the mind and body and of how they both have a role in obtaining optimum good health.